The Italian Group for the Advancement of Psychodynamic Diagnosis (IGAPSYD) is a working group of clinicians and researchers interested in advancing psychodynamic diagnosis and in offering an empirical basis to psychodynamic theories. IGAPSYD was among the sponsoring organizations that contributed to the publication of the second edition of the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, Second Edition (PDM-2), which was released in the US by Guildford Press in 2017 and in Italy by Raffaello Cortina in 2018. Currently, the Manual is translated into several languages, including Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.


This website was founded by Vittorio Lingiardi and Franco Del Corno, and it offers itself as a place where all people, such as students, colleagues, and researchers who are interested in the knowledge and the promotion of dynamic psychology in Italy (especially in the fields of diagnosis and clinical research) can dialogue.


Its sections, continuously updated, contain information on national and international events concerning the psychodynamic psychology, as well as books, articles, conferences, and relevant educational initiatives.


Vittorio Lingiardi and Franco Del Corno